Merillon Athletic Association

MFC Champions
Posted Nov 5, 2018

Congrats to our 2018 winners of the MFC:

8U: NHP Gladiators

10U: Manhasset Orange

12U: NHP Gladiators

MFC Schedule and Standings
Request a Schedule Change
Posted Sep 7, 2017

To request a schedule change: check full league schedule first for field availability, then check with your local club for an open field, then confirm with opposing coach, then fill out SCHEDULE CHANGE REQUEST FORM


No schedule change requests will be honored after 9/30 except for rainouts.  

MFC Rules
Posted Sep 3, 2018

MFC 08U Rules

MFC 10U Rules

MFC 12U Rules

Baseball Bat Rules 2018

New for this season: 

No new inning after 1:50 minutes (unless there is no game after you and both teams have agreed to different limit)

12 Run mercy rule in all divisions after 4 innings (team behind has to complete 4 AB)

No continuation on a walk in 8U and 10U divisions

All teams must use USA bats!

You cannot attempt to reschedule a game less than 24 hours notice.  If you cannot field a team and notice is less than 24 hours the opposing team will be credited with a forfeit win.

Awards will be given out to first place only in each division (max of 15 per team)

Tie breaker rules listed at bottom of page.


MFC League Info for 2018
Posted Aug 12, 2017



This league is for open registration teams that do not require a tryout to sign up.  No travel teams please.  

If there are travel teams interested in playing in a separate division, please email us.  

Age groups will be 8U (7-8 year olds), 10U (9-10 year olds), 12U (11-12 year olds).  All divisions will be age as of 4/30/2018

All divisions and age groups will play 60 foot bases except.

All divisions will have 8 games in all with no playoffs. All teams will have to provide 4 home dates.  Season begins on 9/8 and runs to about 11/4 weather permitting. 

Awards will be given out to the first place team in each division only.  (up to 15 max per team)  Must complete at least 7 games to be eligible.  
League will provide CRU umpires which will be included in the price of registration.
Price for all divisions will be $485 per team.

Also, each participating league must carry general liability insurance (minimum policy limit of $1 million) with the “Merillon Athletic Association” named as an additional insured.  


Parking @ Merillon:

All parents are to use the large parking lot off of Nevada Drive (next to Field #2) when attending games. The Merillon Field House parking lot is for use by the umpires, members of our board of directors and handicapped. Also, the Merillon Field House parking lot is not to be used as a drop-off zone – parents should use the entrance area next to Field #2 to drop off their children.
Tie Breaker Rules
Tie breaker rules for Classic will be as follows:

Standing will be based on winning percentages and ties count.
1.Fewest runs allowed season. (if teams tied played different number of games, then it will be the fewest runs per game average)
2.Head to head game results. (only applies if all tied teams have played each other)
3.Fewest runs allowed in head to head games. (only applies if all tied teams have played each other)
4.Run differential for season.
5.Coin flip.

Awards given out to first place only (max of 15 per team)
Teams must complete 7 games to be eligible.