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Our Digital Yearbook
Posted Apr 1, 2017

2016 Digital Yearbook

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Posted Dec 14, 2016

Read all about our 2017 sponsorship program.

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Merillon Little League Announcement
Posted Oct 19, 2018


Click here for official press release: Merillon Little League Announcement


Click here for a link to register on our new website: New Hyde Park North Little League


Email us at:

2018 Spring Little League
Posted Sep 21, 2017


Little League Intramural Divisions:

Boys Baseball:

Rookie birthdays: 9/1/2011-8/31/2014

Farms birthdays: 9/1/2009-8/31/2011

Minors birthdays: 9/1/2007-8/31/2009

Intermediate birthdays: 5/1/2004-8/31/2007

Girls Softball:

Rookie birthdays: 1/1/2011-12/31/2013 (Tee ball)

Farms birthdays: 1/1/2009-12/31/2010

Minors birthdays: 1/1/2007-12/31/2008

Majors birthdays: 1/1/2005-12/31/2006


Challengers youth: ages 6-19

Challengers adult: ages 19-35



2018 Spring Little League Discount Programs
Posted Apr 12, 2016

Please follow us on Twitter @ Merillon LL for our latest news and information


  Merillon AA is very happy to announce our exciting promotions of 2018:

1) Refer a friend program: refer a friend to our intramural baseball/softball program and receive a $50 credit to be used toward any future Merillon or Sharks Baseball registration event. Email must be sent to the player agent at by the new registrant mentioning your name to be eligible. New registrant must be a player who has not played with Merillon AA before. (you will need to be currently registered for Merillon intramurals to be eligible)   

2) Family discounts: register one child for intramural baseball/softball and receive a $25 discount at checkout for each additional child.  

3) The Merillon Athletic Association is excited to announce a program to help you save money for yourselves and raise money for the club at the same time! (a special thanks to our friends at NHP Wildcats Soccer who came up with this great idea)

We have a Sponsorship Program, and we would like to reward YOU with club credits in exchange for helping us reign in some sponsors.  

You’ll earn 25 cents for every sponsorship dollar you bring in! 

So, let’s just say you recruit two Sponsors for $300 each. Of the $600 total, YOU get $150 in club credits, available for to be used on your next registration event. You can use the credits towards any Merillon Little League or Sharks Baseball event. What a great deal! 

Everyone knows a local business owner — what local business wouldn’t want to get their business in front of over 1,000 local families? Or, maybe you own your own business — why not sponsor the club, get the write-off, and help pay down your child’s registration fees? Whether the sponsor is a small local business or a large multi-national corporation, we have lots of sponsorship package options to choose from.

To earn you credits, simply have the sponsor fill out our sponsor application form (located on left side of the home page) and have them include your name on the application. We must receive the check from the sponsor before you can use you credits. You can get a credit for more than one sponsor.

2018 Little League Bat Rules Change
Posted Aug 21, 2017

Little League® to Adopt New USA Baseball Bat Standard Starting with 2018 Season



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